For those who don’t know about me or Wildtree, I am a founding Director with Wildtree all natural cooking products. I help people find quick, easy, and economical solutions to mealtime dilemmas.  Getting out of the meal rut, while accomodating dietary restrictions and food allergies.  

Having cooked for and cared for my late dad, who had numerous dietary restrictions for many years (heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, renal failure), I developed a personal interest (born out of both frustration and necessity!) in label reading, and finding solutions to boring meals.  Meals that wouldn’t break the bank, and would be quick and easy; because like most people, I was extremely time-challenged. 

I am still an avid label reader and ingredients-junkie, so I love to share what I learned with my tasting party hosts and customers.  I hope you will enjoy reading recipe ideas, healthy cooking tips, and interesting food & label facts.     If you’d like to check Wildtree out further, I invite you to visit my website www.Lauren.MyWildtree.com.

Wildtree’s 150+ products are 100% ALL NATURAL, which to us means NO additives, NO preservatives, NO MSG, NO food dyes, NO GMOs, NO irradiation, NO transfats, NO high fructose corn syrup, and little, if any, salt and sugar.  Founded by a pharmacist (a working mom in RI) whose children had dietary restrictions and food allergies, Wildtree is also 100% NUT FREE.  Whether you are time-challenged or culinary challenged, or just wanting some healthier choices for your family, I invite you to explore what we have to offer.

If you are interested in any of my services (home tasting parties, vendor events, fund raisers, meal workshops), or in becoming part of my nationwide team of representatives, please contact me directly!

Again, WELCOME to my blog!

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