Posted by: TTCLauren | November 24, 2011

Whole grain in children’s cereals? But whole grain with WHAT?

Whole grain and…?

I recently read the following cereal comparison in a newsletter I receive about feeding children with ADHD, Autism, and behavioral issues. I can always pick up some new tidbits or read some new studies that I can use in my Wildtree business to help my customers.

 Since I have many customers with young children, (with AND without health issues or diet restrictions) I thought it was worth sharing.  You know how much I love to dissect food labels and find the “NON truths in labeling!”  If your children are begging for the newest cereal craze, or they excitedly show you the endless commercials targeted to kids, or their eyes light up in the grocery store when you hit that cereal aisle full of brightly colored, cartoon-laden boxes boasting “free prize inside” and other “buy me” marketing tactics, check this out. 

Halloween may be over, but it’s still trick ‘n treat at the cereal companies. Emblazoned across the top of cereal boxes, General Mills shouts “Whole Grain Guaranteed” with a big check mark. So what can be wrong with whole grain cereal? Let’s look at a few of them.

Count Chocula – billed as a “chocolatey cereal,” it isn’t really very full of chocolate, but does have some cocoa as the sixth ingredient, right above salt. The ingredient list begins with whole grain corn, followed by several sugars, and includes Red 40, Yellow 5 & 6, Blue 1, artificial flavor and BHT. The judicious mix of red, yellow, and blue colorings is what surely gives it a “chocolate” color, and the artificial flavor is probably some sort of artificial chocolate flavoring chemical, so nobody will notice there is barely any real chocolate in there.

Lucky Charms starts out with whole grain oats, followed by sugars, and the same red, yellow, and blue artificial colorings, and artificial flavor. In this case, the colors are not mixed to make a brown, but are used in the blue, yellow, pink, and green marshmallow pieces. 

Trix is a fruit-flavored cereal that also starts out with whole grain corn, adding the same old Red 40, Yellow 6, Blue 1, artificial flavor & BHT … oh – and no fruit at all.

So, how confident are you in “truth in advertising” now?  
If you are ready to find some tasty but HEALTHY breakfast alternatives for your kids, check out my website, for some great dye-free and chemical-free jams, muffins (including gluten-free versions), scones, crepes, yogurt seasonings, granola mix, whole grain, buttermilk, or pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin/banana breads, whole grain cranberry orange bread, flax seed beer bread (just substitute ginger ale and use the loaf for french toast or in the toaster) and a host of other NUTRITIONALLY DENSE whole foods (a health benefit in every delicious bite!)  Get some new seasonings for your omelettes and scrambled eggs, easy bagel spreads, home fries seasoning, and even a butter flavored (non dairy) grapeseed oil to cook with, or our new smoky bacon (vegetarian) version, both of which contain NO sodium, NO cholesterol, and NO transfats! 
There is also an extensive recipe section to give you some great new ideas.  Let me know if I can help you restock your cabinets and pantry with better grocery choices ABSOLUTELY FREE!


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