Posted by: TTCLauren | April 16, 2011

Recipe for Disaster? OR Food for thought?

Today’s consumers are speaking VOLUMES about what they want (and don’t) in their food choices! 

INC Magazine in their 2010 list of fastest growing companies in America (in today’s economy) ranked Wildtree’s All Natural Cooking Products 1201 out of 5000.   Another popular (but NOT all natural) home tasting party company with far fewer products was awarded spot number 4603 (a dip down from their rank of 4471 last year).  

Wildtree was actually the 4th fastest growing party plan company (of ANY product type) in America according to this list.    To take it one step further, Wildtree ranked #27 out of 154 companies included in the Food  & Beverage category!     The “other”  home tasting company ranked #141 out of 154 with 15% growth during the last 3 years (down $7 million in a year).   Hmmm…    where are those customers going, and WHY?

Wildtree showed 248% growth over the past 3 years!!     Why?     See for yourself….

  • Natural Foods Merchandiser printed, “Consumers are more interested in food and beverages than in vitamins and supplements for health benefts.” 
  • Consumers want good taste, but also want to know more about their food. In a recent survey by Ketchum, 63% of consumers want to be able to recognize all of the ingredients on a food label and 34% want foods to be made with as few ingredients as possible.
  • Sixty-five (65%) of consumers surveyed said that “improving human nutrition” would be their top priority if they were CEO of a global food company. “Making food that is safer” is a a close second (64%); and “making foods that taste great” is the third-highest priority (52%)
  •  More consumers are learning that they can control sodium, fat and preservatives by cooking at home.  And that’s not likely to change!  A survey commissioned by ConAgra questioned adults nationwide about their grocery shopping and eating habits, and found that many consumers intend to continue cooking at home even when the economy rebounds.
  • “Food Marketing Institute” wrote in their grocery shopping trends that the recession is changing consumer behavior as they are finding that their meals are healthier at home, plus they cost less!   They say that the recession has brought consumers home — 55 percent of people surveyed say they are preparing more meals at home than last year,” said Sarasin. “Preparing meals at home is the best way to control food costs and ensure healthy eating.” 
  • Fitness Together, a national chain of gyms offering one on one personal trainers, posted on their website the “Healthy Food Trends for 2011”.  They cited that sodium and added sugars are the new trans fats, blacklisted by health organizations.  In addition, their list said “Processed foods are out.  Local foods are in.”   The list says that consumers want to know what they’re eating, and are pushing for nationwide regulations for better labeling.   Boomers aren’t interested in fad diets–they want food that tastes good and is nutritious too.
  • Nearly three out of every four Americans prefer to eat their meals at home today, compared to approximately half of those who reported doing so seven years earlier, according to a new report issued by the American Dietetic Association Foundation.
  •  A new Rasmussen Reports survey conducted in January reported 73 percent of adults saying they enjoyed a good home-cooked meal more than dining at a fine restaurant. The survey also reported an increase over the previous year in the number of times families sit down to share dinner together. They reported that in addition to what is happening financially, people are more health-conscious and get pleasure cooking at home.

According to the KETCHUM study,  today’s consumers want to have a greater say about food ingredients, safety and quality, and believe food companies should be responsible for keeping people healthy and addressing societal nutrition issues.   75% of the respondents say they would like to see food companies place a great emphasis on creating foods that reduce the risk of major health issues in the future.    

Pretty much every article I viewed told the same tale…that the economy has caused frugal customers to shift away from dining out in favor of cooking at home and that today’s savvy consumers are demanding healthier choices.  The companies that LISTEN to that, are the companies they shop with.    As Wildtree is certainly seeing in spades!  The numbers don’t lie!
A survey by marketing research firm The Nielsen Company found that 46 percent of American households say they are eating out less.  The study showed that the top five motivations driving dinnertime consumer food and beverage choices are taste (44.9 percent of dinner occasions), ease of preparation (41.6 percent), hunger satisfaction (39.8 percent) and pleasing to everyone (34.2 percent).
Advantages of Eating at Home — Healthier Meals and Costs Less

Consumers say they are concerned about the nutritional content of their food, and 92 percent say they eat healthier when dining at home.

Shoppers admit  foods prepared at home are better for them. 

Consumers seek time-saving, affordable and healthy choices for mealtime. They are most interested in:

  • Easy-to-make recipes (48 percent).
  • Recipes for cooking a meal for $10 or less (44 percent).
  • Convenient

Since Wildtree meets all of those objectives, it might explain why our growth has EXPLODED in the past 3 years and why we are blowing away the “competition”  (although as an apples and apples comparision, other home tasting party companies truly are NOT seen as competition, given that their products and focuses are vastly different). Wildtree is the only all natural food party company as well as the only one that manufactures all of their own products.   Our quality-controlled products are 100% NUT FREE, with NO additives, NO preservatives, NO MSG, NO dyes, NO anti-caking agents, NO GMOs, NO irradiation, NO trans fats, and NO HFCS… with ingredient labels that are short and easy to read!    In short, taking out the junk and just leaving the taste!    Food CAN be delicious, nutritious, easy to prepare, and economical all at the same time!  Wildtree proves it every day.

If you know of someone who wants to make healthier choices in their home cooking, bringing their family back to the dinner table, send them to my website at

If you know of someone who would relish and appreciate a lucrative income opportunity that is 100% targeted to what today’s consumers are LOUDLY saying they want, I’m hiring full time, part time, and seasonal representatives for my nationwide Wildtree team.  Why fight the tide?  I invite you to be part of our explosive growth as a customer, a host (free groceries!), or a representative.

Today’s consumers are speaking, and Wildtree is a home tasting home party plan company that is LISTENING!   Come to where the ACTION IS!



  1. What’s the sodium content of your products? Thx!

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