Posted by: TTCLauren | March 14, 2011

Can Food Be Fatal?

 I read an article written by Irene Levine, PHD, about food allergies. Dr Levine wrote that “food allergies occur in 6-8 percent of children under 4, and in about 4% of adults. Reactions from mild rashes to difficulty breathing account for 30,000 Emergency Room visits a year, while tens of thousands of other reactions are treated at home. Food allergies cause approximately 150 deaths each year from food-induced anaphylaxis, a sudden, severe,potentially fatal reaction.“ 



So yes, for some people, food certainly CAN be fatal! Since the Wildtree product line was founded by a RI mom whose child had food allergies, preservative intolerances,  and food dye sensitivities, I personally try to learn as much as I can, in order to help our customers who suffer from this serious problem find compatible foods in our product line. Experts identify more than 160 different foods which have been linked to allergies, but amazingly, it has been determined that 90% of these allergic reactions are caused by just eight food items, commonly referred to as “THE BIG EIGHT”:

  1. Peanuts,
  2. Tree Nuts,
  3. Fish,
  4. Shellfish,
  5. Eggs, 
  6. Milk, 
  7. Wheat 
  8.  Soy

Readers Digest reports that “allergic reactions are never expected, and you never know how bad it will be. Most common reactions are hives or a rash. Others can develop swelling of the tongue and throat, coughing, difficulty breathing, cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, serious drop in blood pressure, loss of consciousness, or death. This can happen within minutes or as long as two hours after the offending food has been eaten. Unfortunately, none of the diagnostic tests are 100% accurate for a true food allergy. Skin-prick tests can yield false positives half the time.”

The most publicized allergy, and possibly the most serious, is the allergy to peanuts. We’ve all heard the horror stories in the media about children at school being sent to the emergency room for simply SMELLING peanut butter. An acute allergy to peanuts can have dire consequences for even the slightest exposure.

A New York woman’s throat closed up at a wedding reception because while dancing, she touched the hand of a guest who had eaten nuts earlier, and then inadvertently touched her face. The ER doctor recognized the signs of anaphylaxis and gave her an injection which probably saved her life.  And there are many similar stories.

One of our home party competitors has the following disclaimer on their product boxes: “Manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts.” Similar warnings can be found posted in grocery stores, bakeries, and on prepackaged food labels.  I even see the same type of warnings on the drive-thru window at my local Dunkin Donuts!  Cross-contamination is a very real risk for those with food allergies and they must look for these disclaimers and take their warnings seriously.

Wildtree not only creates their own products, they manufacture them as well. Because we make everything ourselves, we know exactly what goes into each product and the processing facility as a whole. We maintain 100% quality control. So we need no such disclaimers about nuts. Wildtree is proud that NO nuts of any kind, including peanuts are allowed in our factory, and are not used in any of our mixing machines.  So we can assure our customers that there will never be a danger of accidental nut contamination.      I love the big smiles and expressions of relief I see from customers with nut-allergic family members when they learn the extreme care Wildtree takes to protect them and those they love.

Besides the group that suffers from food allergies, Celiac Disease (a gluten and wheat intolerance) affects 1 out of 133 people in the United States. Wildtree makes over 100 products with no gluten added.   Ingesting MSG (monosodium glutamate) is also a very real problem for many, causing headaches, respiratory, cardiac, and digestive problems. There is NO MSG in any Wildtree product, including our flavorful Asian sauces such as Teriyaki and Asian Ginger Plum.

At my taste testing parties, I personally have a handy check list of the most common allergies, and which of our products contain those ingredients (such as soy, wheat, eggs), to make shopping quick and easy for our allergy-conscious customers.

Our entire product line boasts NO  additives, preservatives, MSG, anticaking agents, GMOs, high fructose corn syrup, irradiated ingredients or food dyes.  If you, or someone you know suffers from a food allergy or product sensitivity, let me introduce you to Wildtree’s all natural cooking products. Whether it is a personal shopping appointment, a catalog purchase, a fundraiser, or a home tasting & recipe sharing party, I’d be happy to share Wildtree with you. Our Reps and customers have ultimate confidence in the innate goodness and safety of our all natural products. And we feel really good about that!

Food shopping CAN be fun again!



  1. Where can I find a list of soy free Wildtree products?

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