Posted by: TTCLauren | October 14, 2010

What are you serving for dinner?

The end of October will hold a mixed bag of emotions for me–on October 30th, my husband and I will celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary, but October 31st marks the one year anniversary of my mother’s major stroke and heart attack, which has left her, sadly, as a very different person and one who now needs a high degree of care. It certainly reminds me of how precious life is, and how there are some things that we just cannot control.

One thing that we CAN control, however, is what we eat, and how well we treat these bodies of ours. The New York Times reported, “For the first time in two centuries, the current generation of children in America may have shorter life expectancies than their parents.” Isn’t that sad? The chemicals and preservatives are extending the shelf life of the food, but shortening the life of the people eating it. All of the advances in medicine and technology that we have experienced, yet we become more and more unhealthy to the point that the chemical-laden food choices society is making, and their love of ‘convenience foods’ to save time, is ironically cutting time OUT of today’s children’s lives. It’s a contradiction totally beyond words.

If we as consumers take a stand and STOP buying those jarred, boxed, canned, freeze dried, frozen, microwaveable ‘convenience foods’ in the “middle” of the grocery store, and insist on HEALTHIER CHOICES, these food manufacturers will eventually have to listen.

Wildtree’s founder created our products because she had children with juvenile diabetes, ADHD, Kawasaki’s Disease, intolerance of any dyes, chemicals, and preservatives, as well as peanut allergies. To take all the “junk” out of food (this junk that is making us sick as a society) and still make it easy, economical, and delicious!

Wildtree can give you the same 10-15 minute meals, with 2-3 ingredients, just like your current ‘time saving’ convenience foods. But with one HUGE difference….QUALITY! Low to no salt and sugar content, lower calories, no dyes, preservatives, trans-fats. Food the way it was meant to be–flavorful and natural! Check out a few examples:

Dinty Moore beef stew has 222 calories, 28% saturated fat, and 970 mg sodium (41%). And that is only for 1/3 of a can.

Why not try this? Shop around the outside perimeter of the store. Pick up a package of stew beef, a package of baby carrots, a package of small round potatoes, and a bag of frozen peeled pearl onions, and dump it all in a crockpot with a jar of Wildtree’s Home Style Beef Stew sauce. When you come home from work, there is no need to open that can of Dinty Moore, because a hot, fresh, HOME MADE beef stew is ready for you! This stew has just 40 calories, NO saturated fat, and 8% sodium.

Do your kids love Sloppy Joes? One can of Manwich Sloppy Joe Sauce will give them 410 mg of sodium (17%), 6 grams of sugar, and 40 calories (PROVIDED you make 12 sandwiches with that one can since that’s how many servings those numbers are based on, and I’ll bet yours are bigger than that, which increases the salt, sugar, and calories accordingly!)

OR, you can buy a jar of Wildtree’s Sloppy Joe seasoning. You will get multiple batches from each jar. Just add some to a can of tomato sauce. The result? Just 8% sodium, NO fat, NO sugar, 5 calories, and just 9-cents per serving! Not one minute longer in the kitchen!

Even so-called “diet foods” aren’t as healthy as you might think. Case in point,

Lean Cuisine Chicken Marsala. This ‘healthy’ dinner gives you 620 mg SODIUM (36%), 9 fat grams, and 250 calories.

Yes, you just have to open the box and press the button on the microwave. But honestly, is it so much more difficult to sautee a chicken breast in a pan? It takes what? 5 minutes? Open a bottle of Wildtree’s Marsala or Piccata sauce, pour some in the pan, wait a minute for it to warm, and then you are ready to eat. Fresh and flavorful. With NO sodium, NO fat, 10 calories, and just 75-cents per serving plus a chicken breast.

Remember, your children don’t choose what they eat for dinner. YOU DO!

The decision is yours. I vote for a longer life. How about YOU?

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