Posted by: TTCLauren | July 24, 2010

You have the power to serve healthier choices!

Lisa, one of our company’s reps told  a compelling and eye opening story recently.   She was at a small vendor event and the young daughter of a fellow vendor was helping her set up, and asking questions about the healthy choices in the Wildtree products she was unloading from the box.  Later in the day this young gal approached Lisa and asked her if she could help her.  She said “I want to change.”  Perplexed, Lisa asked her what she meant.  The gal held out her hands (to show width) and said “A nine and a half year old girl should not weigh 180 pounds!”   Lisa said she wanted to cry for her.  She wondered why this gal had to talk to a stranger about this? Clearly it was her mom she needed to talk to.  Children don’t make their meals, their parents do!   

We have the products and the power to raise awareness, and get the parents who attend our Tastings to realize that their children do not have a say in what goes into their bodies, they eat what their parents serve them.  So, serve them better, healthier choices!

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